Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bulldog Tenacity

Hello, all.
"With the tenacity and grip of a bulldog, I will step on," she declared.

Yes, my soul has been bruised
And yes, I have been used
But I would not change one step of my walk
For I walk in God given shoes.
Joseph's brothers thought that they
Had gained the victory over him
But what they could not see is
That God had a hand in the play.

Life has taken me some places
That, even my faith, shuddered to go
It has taken some home truths
And planted them on my row
And I had to cultivate that crop
Though I was new to using a hoe.

Bottom line is that through it all
To remain bulldog tough
You pull weeds and dig up johnson grass
By its rhizome roots
And I made it look easy and
Never muddied my boots.

 As mentioned in the sentence above, you must be just like a tenacious little bulldog, you have to keep holding on to your faith. Sometimes the tight grip that you have on your faith may cause damage to the teeth of hope that you hold it with. But, you mustn't let go!  You have to chop that row!
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