Monday, December 21, 2015

The Festigue's Finale

Good morning all. Grab your coffee and hold on. I'm finishing the story of The Festigue's in short work.

Baby Timmy grew up to be a well rounded young man who married well, sired two children and became owner and editor of the town's first newspaper.

Janie never married but became a well-to-do owner of the town's first millinery shop.

Robert became a world class runner and now owns a well known athletic training facility (a gym).

Redforth was very successful as the town's first lawyer, got married, sired a set of twins and maintains a classic car dealership for sport.

Old Man Myads stayed the gentleman that he was and is seen often in the flower garden with his grandchildren playing around him.

The Biddies remained the same as biddies often do.

Well, that ends my tale of the Festigue children.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - Oh, Bess? Why she became the town's first school teacher, Sunday school teacher and later married well.
Who did she marry? Well, who do you think!

Oh, the picture of the Christmas tree at the beginning of the story? Why the Christmas tree at Myads Hall, of course!

This tree? Why my dream tree of course! I call it the "Blue Dream."

As with the Festigue's, all ends as it was meant to if you, Take the Lord with You Everywhere You Go.

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