Saturday, November 14, 2015

More About What They Say

Hey everybody! A great big hello to you! My throat feels as if someone has taken some claws and raked down my throat! Oh it hurts! But, as I say, "This too shall pass." Yeah, I have the muscular
 aches a bit too, but that is not going to stop my blog today! Yesterday, I gave in, though I was forced to be out and about, but today I plan to limit the time that I'm out, if any. Today, I am going to nurse and pamper me. (smile)

Though I have been under the weather, my brain has still been spinning. I have two ideas for my blog, so I will give you one today and the other on tomorrow. I must say that a certain part of my readership prefers poetry and the analytical aspects of it and another part of my readership prefers expository writing with a compassionate theme. All in all, it makes for an enjoyable blogging experience for me and I thank you.

A lot of people felt the same way
And wanted to applaud  her tenacity
In daring to seek it
But themselves never had
The fortitude to speak it.

They knew they would be ostracized 
If they dared to do so
Thus they silently cheered her on
Though she did not know it -
For she cared, and was not afraid to show it.

  1. What is the definition for the bold printed word in line 6?
  2. Why is this blog entitled as it is?
  3. Formulate a different title for the poem and I don't mean simply give synonyms for my words. I want your title formulation to show thought. 
  4. Walk me through the thought process that you went through to formulate the title that you did.
  5. Construct an expository narrative on the last sentence of the poem. Formulate characters and use feeling tone. Can you do this? (Yes, it is a tough one, BUT it has teeth and if you attempt it, it will latch on to you and you will not be able to put it down until you achieve your desired result. Then, my friend, you will have become a poetry enthusiast!) Welcome to the world of critical thinking! Have to warn you though; once you turn the critical deep thinking skills on, they will be your companions for life. You will always find yourself analyzing people, situations, etc. 
As always, 
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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