Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Just Know

Hello everybody! 
It's past coffee time for most of you, so I will get right to what's on my mind.

Do you know someone who can play the piano very well, though they have never taken a lesson in their life? Do you know someone who is a great teacher  though their methods of teaching cannot be found in any book?  Do you know someone who is a great singer, though they never had voice lessons? Do you know someone who is a great motivator, speaker, etc.?  There are so many more  gifts that people have that I have not mentioned. I mentioned these simply to draw attention to the fact that there are gifts that are inexplicable. They are just there.

 To me, these gifts are the manifestation of God's work.  The word that I use for situations like that is God stuff. That means that the things that seem to us to occur naturally, were put there by the Lord for a reason.  Now, I said all of that all of that to say this: we should not hate someone for what occurs for them naturally because if we hate them for what occurs for them naturally then we are hating the work of the Lord. Most of the time jealousy manifests itself in an overt way. Either we will say something hurtful or do something harmful to the object of our hatred. When we do that, then  we're  going to be dealt with accordingly, concerning our hatred.  People often hate folks for being talented in one way or another, but these things ought not to be because, for some people, teaching or singing or riding or doing poetry is as natural as breathing. It is the way they were made. If we have a problem with them, take it up with the Architect who fashioned them so.

Here's the point that I went all around the world and back to make. (smile) I guess it is human nature to ridicule , destroy or idolize that which we do not understand. If someone does something extremely well, we need to appreciate them, but not idolize them and certainly not hate them.

If there are, among my readers, persons who have an unusual gift, embrace it and don't let anybody make you feel ashamed of your gift. It doesn't matter whether you understand it or not, just use it to the glory of the Lord, as long as you use it according to His will. 

 I just know special gifts were given to us, as inhabitants of this earth, for good reason. 

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Sometimes big
Sometimes small
Touched by the master
To heed His call.
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