Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thank YOU for My Haven of Rest

Hello! Hello! Hello! Good morning to you! Get your coffee, tea or what have you and come on back to my blog and meet me at the pillar of praise!

Woo Hoo! I feel a praise coming on! I want to talk to a special group this morning. I am talking to those of us that have just been delivered from a mighty storm. I'm talking about the kind of storm that had you wondering if you were going to make it and questioning your faith! If you have ever had that kind of storm, then you know what I'm talking about, but it may have been a while since HE delivered you, so I am not talking to you per se. I'm talking to the ones whose feet are still burning from wearing the carpet out in tears and prayer; whose knees are calloused from seeking deliverance from your trouble; whose mind just said, "Whew! Thank you Jesus for my deliverance!" That's who I am talking to this morning.
The rest of you just take note and follow suit when you are delivered in such a magnanimous way again.

You know, when we finally get deliverance from that type of storm, though we praise the LORD and give HIM thanks, oftentimes we find ourselves revisiting the situation and looking back through the different portions of the trial/trouble and analyzing it just so we won't be caught off guard like that again. Y'all know how we do. But hear this! You don't need to dwell on trying to be prepared so that you won't be caught off guard! Why, because GOD is in control; HE's got your back and don't nothing surprise HIM! So why waste time analyzing and trying to figure out this path or that path so as to avoid "stuff." You are already in the hands of a "stuff" handling GOD!

What we need to do, yes and I'm talking to myself as well, is take time and rest from the storm/trouble and give HIM praise and glory! Sing your songs of praise so much so that folks will ask you why you are so happy today, etc. There is nothing like a praise song or prayer that you utter when you have just, I say just, been delivered from a storm that you thought might take you out! You won't care how you look to whom when you take the time out in your haven of rest and give HIM some praise for deliverance from THAT storm! What am I saying? We need to be so thankful that the thanks will be like fire shut up in our bones so much so that we just can't hold our peace! We have to tell anybody that will listen, what we just came through by GOD's grace! If you tell it right when you have just been delivered, you will tell it with such fire and fervor that others will wonder about it and want to know Jesus like you do! Then that fire will leap from heart to heart and burn within. Folks will say things like, "I want a faith like that" or "You sho do have a strong faith!" If we get our praise on just as soon as we are given cessation from our storm, we will get lasting results from the world. That's what it's all about folks, getting our praise on as we exclaim the goodness, strength, justice, mercy and righteousness of GOD to the cosmos! By doing so, we will be lifting HIM up and HE said that HE would draw men unto HIM!
Y'all be blessed; I got to go get my praise on. Gonna sing a new one that I wrote entitled HEAVEN's Gonna Wipe Away All of My Tears, One of These Days! ) Do I write songs? Not really, but you know I write poetry and one day I had this poem that I had written that was with me so strongly that I wanted to give it a tune. And the rest, as they say, is history. Now, four of my poems have been given tunes and get this, the other day, I met a college student who has friends who will place the notes to my tune for a very small fee! Coincidence? I think not! I think the providence of GOD! W.O.W.! 

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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