Friday, October 23, 2015

A Gift Most Precious

If you have a baby, take care of it. If you took or take care of yours, extend a helping to children who may not be as fortunate as your children.

I saw a baby yesterday
Who reached out to me with her eyes
She followed me around the room
With her eyes and with her sighs.

She had a fever and was not feeling well
And her little eyes looked like "sundown"
Her little body was sort of  limp
And when she was moved
She whimpered or sighed
And if I got out of her sight, she cried.

I took her in my arms
Talked sympathetic baby talk to her
And kissed her warm forehead
And thought that if my daughter, she were
I would have the doctor to see her.

Her daddy was called and told
To come to get the baby for
She had a fever and was ill
And needed some Pedialite
Before sickness on her little
Body took a permanent hold.

The Next Day...
The baby was only teething
And was kept home until her fever would be gone
I saw her in her baby seat
When they came to pick
The other children up.

She was waving her hands
And flinging a bunch of toy keys
While looking intently at me
She didn't look sick at all
Looked as clean and happy
As a baby should be.

Say what you will
But that baby's sad eyes will
Always be a tender part of me
Even though she is much better
And is now, as happy as can be.
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