Friday, September 25, 2015

A Blessing - Another Lesson (Cont.)

Hello all! Got up way before the chickens today! Did some post mid-night cleaning, etc.! Got a big early start on preparing breakfast! All was going well and I got down to browning that last piece of bacon. Well, wouldn't you know it. That last piece sent hot grease over my hand to cover my thumb and fore-finger. It hurt so badly that I wanted to tear up, but I didn't. My daughter, who I have told you before is special, was in the kitchen with me and I knew not to upset her by allowing her to see me tear up. So, I just sucked it up and put some aloe on it. It still burns some, but only if I touch it or wash my hands or reach toward something lhot. Best of all, it did not blister! Am thankful for that.

Okay, let's get right to it, shall we?  Yesterday, we ended with Gina's brother running into the yard to meet the man who was driving the pick-up truck. Gina knew that was not their stove because it was not new. So, she was disappointed when the man started untying the stove. Luckily, they lived in a house that had a tall porch. It was tall enough for the stove to be scooted right off of the truck bed without having to lift it. They did manage to get the stove into the house and into the kitchen. The man said that he would leave it like that. Then he left. Gina's brother left with him. Gina was thinking about Momma's rule of not bringing anything into the house unless she said so, as she begin to wipe the stove off. She heard someone walking on the porch and went to see who it was. Uh! Oh! It was Momma! Gina said, "Mom-muh-h!  When I asked for a stove, I thought it would be a new one." Momma looked at Gina and said with a sigh, "What on earth are you talking about now child?" Gina said, "Come here; I'll show you. Momma put her purse down and followed Gina into the kitchen. Momma took one look at the stove and exclaimed, "What on earth? What is this Gina? Gina knew that she had to think fast because when Momma got that look on her face, it might mean some licks for somebody! Gina started babbling, "Well I was cooking dinner like you told me to when somebody knocked at the door and..." Momma interrupted with, "Get to the point Gina! Where did you get that stove?!"

"I didn't get it Momma. I mean; I did pray for a stove but..." Momma drew back her hand and Gina cried out, "Bobby did it! Bobby did it, Momma! Not me!" Gina was well into her role of playing the martyr, especially since she saw that Momma was not going to hit her and was not looking mad anymore...

...The stove though white, turned out to be an electric one. The lesson (s) Gina learned that day through Momma's explanation were:

  1. That you can ask for what you want, but Jesus answers as He sees fit. 
  2. That sometimes you only get a portion of what you asked for.
  3. Sometimes you have to wait.
Gina learned through her own surmising that she needed to be specific in her asking Jesus for things. 

Aside - the next day, Momma came home from work with a brand new coat for Gina and with three new pairs of  bobby socks. (Her employer's little girl did not like the color of the coat and Momma got the socks at the local dollar market). Go figure....!

Aside 2 - A tiny seed of faith was sown in Gina.  We never know how far a little seed will go in the life of a little child if  we but take the time to plant it.

Aside 3 - Seeds can germinate at any time and at any age.

So you hold on to that faith because all it takes is the size of a mustard seed... You never really know do you? 

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