Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Being forced upon a pebbly garden path
From a chosen well liked road
Often makes us wonder why
As we realign our already cumbersome load.

We like to think that we
Know what we are about
So we resist changes because
We don't know how they will turn out.

Faith has taught me not 
To listen to whispers of doubt
But to trust in Jesus
To work all things out.

For I have been taught to 
Walk by faith and not by sight
Over treacherous terrain 
Even through dark of night.

So when my path becomes uncharted
And familiar landmarks are gone
I keep my eyes on the Shepherd
Knowing I'm not walking alone. 

You see, even when I don't understand
I trust in Jesus to never
Let go of my hand.

Good morning dear readers! Whew! Never forget to begin your day with prayer because you never know what situations  you will find in the hours of your day. So always be prayerful, with thanksgiving and ask Jesus to guide you along life's way. These lines of prose explain the gist of what the above poem is all about. You see folks, poetry is not that difficult to figure out.

It's like this, if you like working puzzles, then you might be a good fit for storied poetry. I like poetry that tells a story and that is what you will find in most of mine.

Be blessed!

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

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