Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Defeat! Oh Defeat! I Cain't Let You Win!

My faith in this is what keeps me going strong though my row is sometimes hard to hoe. You see, if HE brought me "to" then HE will bring me "through."

"Seen too many victories to
Let defeat have the last say"
---Adapted from WB

There is a song that I have particularly come to love. That song is the epitome of where I stand at this juncture in my life.   "The name of the song", you ask. Count It Victory.

Sometimes, the words of a simple song are all that are needed to set you back on the right track as you climb  "Faith"  mountain.  Never forget that Abraham's faith was imputed to him as righteousness. Don't you know that the LORD knew that in 2015, there would be one of HIS children that would need some help climbing that mountain? Hmm-m. How do I know? Why fellowman, I go where the LORD leads me, blazing a trail and leaving a path for the next traveler to use.
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