Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Audience

She didn't have an appointment and didn't feel important enough to be in the presence of dignitaries. But you know what? She got an audience anyway! "How did she accomplish that?", was what one person was heard to exclaim. Somebody else said, "Oh, she met the CEO. Didn't you know?"

How nice that would be, if only that scenario were possible for us, huh? is! The DIGNITARIES are GOD, the FATHER, Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit! For an audience, you need to BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.)

How sweet it is to have an audience with Jesus!

Her spirit was broken
Her heart was sore
She had no place to go
And felt she couldn't take much more.

She bowed her knees in prayer
Just as the preacher said
She felt so empty inside
So great was her despair.

She knew she wasn't worthy
Of even bothering Him
But she had nothing else to lose
Her chance of being helped
She felt was, at best, slim.

After pouring out her heart
Of all that had gone awry 
She lifted her face toward heaven
And softly began to cry.

In the midst of her prayer
A knock came upon the door
There stood two college students
Who wanted to buy her husband's old truck
She couldn't believe her eyes
She couldn't believe her luck.

She now had the funds to pay the rent
That was long overdue.
She received an answered prayer
The same could happen to you...

"You have not because you ask not."
James 4:2; Matthew 7:7-11

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