Monday, June 8, 2015


Some people think that they can steal anything in this world and get away with it. Have you ever run across someone like that? A person of that ilk is always concerned with "I, me, my and mine."  This attitude means that this person thinks that anything that anybody in this world has is fair game for them.

Scenario: Let's say that I had the misfortune of having someone abscond with 4,000 of my hard earned money. Now my paltry sum of $4,000 might not seem much to you, but I assure you, to a retired aspiring writer like me, it would be a devastating loss!

If the above scenario were real, this is what I would say to the thief:
You  traded on my goodwill and stole, plain and simple.
I know you don't care, but you ought to! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I don't know how you plan to do it and I don't care. Just make a way to get my $4,000 back to me. You can find a way. You found a way to take it. Now didn't you? Just sayin' and more than angry about it! However, I have forgiven you. The question is, "Can you live with WHAT came with the money you stole?"  Humm-m?
Karma is...

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