Monday, June 29, 2015

Care Package (cont.)

Good morning to all of you. Grab yourself some coffee or tea and let's get down to the business of finishing yesterday's blog, shall we?
Well, we left off with my son being on an aircraft carrier and being extremely homesick and me posting a quickly written letter to him, remember? Well, after my daughter had written her letter and after I had written one for my husband and had him sign it, I felt somewhat better. I determined that I would post those two letters the next day. 

I posted the letters the next morning, on my way to school, yet all through the day my mind kept coming back to my son. I figured, mail being what it was, it would take him probably six days to get his mail. Then I set my mind on making sure that he always had some of home in front of him.  I remember a friend of mine telling me years ago that when her daughter left home, she wrote her a letter everyday.  I remember, at the time, thinking that she was a little too possessive. Now I found myself thinking the same way that she had thought.  Then I thought, what in the world could I talk about in a letter to the tune of writing one everyday? 

After I thought about it for a little bit, I thought to myself, "If he were here, I would talk to him everyday." That's when I decided to write the letter, just as if he were still at home and I were talking to him like I would have been if he were still at home.

I started off with things like, "Whew, I am tired! We had parent's teacher conferences today and I am beat. Traffic was heavy tonight, so I had to take my time driving home. I am glad that I put neck bones and potatoes on in the crockpot this morning. I am too tired to do (Wait a minute; there's the doorbell. Be right back.) much else.  Wouldn't you know it, somebody looking for Mitch. I told them that I did not know any Mitch. They wanted to argue with me about this. I stood my ground and they finally took themselves off somewhere. The nerve of some people! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah about my day, we are getting prepared for a Crops, Crafts and Auction Fair in my classes. Son, let me tell you, the kids are...etc."

You see the meticulous amount of time and effort that I put into writing to my son and doing the things (Momma stuff) that mothers do. That's because I care. Then I decided to take my "Momma stuff" a little further. I decided that I would send my son a care package once a week. So, that is what I did because he is a part of my life and I could not have him feeling like his world had closed down just because he could not see nor talk to me. Why do all of this for my son? Once again, that is what mommas do.

Here is the point that I want to drive home to you. I did not invent caring and care packages. GOD did! He has been giving mankind care packages since the dawn of creation. I will not go into all of that, but suffice it to say that HE sent a care package in the form of Jesus. We were in trouble and HE responded by doing "GOD stuff." HE gave us the Holy Writ (care pkg.), prayer (care pkg.) and people who cross our path (sometimes, complete strangers) who say just the right thing and provide an answer that we have been looking for (care pkg.). All of these things are examples of the LORD doing "GOD stuff." Why, because HE cares! 

I want you to remember this thought. Do I still love my son, even though he is gone from home, is a grown man and has a child of his own? Yes, I love him. I gave him the life that he has and as long as he is breathing, I will love him and take care of him by sending care packages of letters and etc.  He does not need material care packages now, as he is financially independent, but he still needs nurturing, supporting, etc. 

You are probably thinking  that it is only natural that I love and am there for my son, right? Yes, you are right. Now hear this: Don't you know that it is just as natural for GOD to love us and send us care packages when are in trouble?  After all, HE gave us life! Then why, I wonder, do we despair so quickly instead of praying, trusting and waiting on HIM? I helped my son after he communicated his need to me. So, we all need to get ourselves positioned so that we can communicate with the LORD through prayer and make known our needs and concerns. Then we can watch HIM work as HE awes us with the "GOD stuff" HE can do in our lives.

So I am saying to you, "Don't despair! Get to know HIM if you don't and keep your faith intact, if you do! In short, don't worry; open your care package and utilize the "GOD stuff" HE has packed within!" And remember above all else, you have a friend who is, not only a GOD, but "The GOD"!

Enjoy the rest of your day and be blessed!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones
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