Friday, May 22, 2015


Good morning to you! I hope that you remembered to begin your day with prayer. (BYDWP) Go grab your coffee or tea and while you are doing that I will be finishing this blog for today.

I thought that I would talk a little about slights that some people seem to toss out without any thought  as to the harm that they might cause. But, first I want you to keep this point in mind throughout this day and file it back in your repertoire of faith for future reference.  "Your being patient in tribulations just might be allowing someone to see the glory of the LORD shining through you."

Every intentional slight that you receive is predicated upon perceived status. If the person handing out the slight has self concept problems then that person will be a steam roller of malcontent.

  • That person will roll over anyone that they perceive as easy or docile. They have the need to feel better than somebody. If that person happens to be your boss, that makes for an even stickier situation, doesn't it? Yes, I know...
  • That person will also roll over anyone that they perceive as being of lesser importance than they themselves are. (Here again, the need to feel superior.)
  • If you have shown yourself to be particularly good at one thing or another, that person will target you. (Jealousy)
  • If you seem fairly comfortable in your own skin, in all probability, that person will target you.
In short, that person will do whatever they can to override the tide of low self esteem that they live with constantly.

"What do you do in situations like this?", you ask. Remember, I told you always to begin your day with prayer. Then practice that very thing. I also find that it is helpful to call that person's name in your prayer. Nothing harmful or detrimental, mind you! Just a sincere prayer that they leave you alone so that you can do your job, that they look upon you with favor, or that you be moved to a team or department so that you are no longer answerable to them. Prayers of that sort seem to work. I do know that if the person rides you too much, that you will get to see them be dealt with by a bigger dog with a bigger bite. If you are prayerful and faithful, this usually is the case.

However, under no circumstances are you to allow them to get you to behave like an infidel (a person who does not know the LORD).
The following poem of mine, sums it up nicely for us:

You have to leave yesterday's slights far behind
Today is a new day for you to exercise
To your fellowman, the art of being kind.

What seemed like a slight on yesterday
Might have been the deciding factor that
Caused beneficent eyes to turn your way.

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Aside - "All things work together for good for those that love the LORD." Romans 8:28

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