Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Know A Secret (cont. from yesterday)

Good morning to you! Have you gotten your coffee or tea, if not then hop to it because this secret is too hot to hold!

"She told me that she caught her mom kissing the delivery man. And Mom, she loves her dad and feels guilty because she did not call and tell him. And get this Mom, her mom found out that Jaz saw ker kissing the delivery man and told her that if she told her dad, she would move and take her  away and never let  her see her dad again! Mom, you know that would kill Jaz because she is closer to her dad than she is her mom. Remember when she fell out of the tree and broke her arm that she kept screaming for her daddy even though her mom was holding her and rubbing her head and crying. Then when her daddy drove up with his tires screeching, Jaz stopped crying. Everybody remembers that."

Now, let's talk about this fictitious story starter of mine. Jamie wanted something trivial so she gave up her friend's secret. She, apparently did not value Jaz's friendship very much. Jamie's Mom can keep the secret that she never should have learned in the first place or she can have a hot conversation and possibly wreck some lives. As a mother, she can sit down and talk to her daughter about keeping secrets and not betraying trusts.  She can remember not to try to be her daughter friend first, but a GODLY example first because it is true what the sages say, "Children learn what they live."

Here are several things to keep in mind about friends and secrets.

  1. Take your secret to the Master of Secrets and you will never meet it in the streets.
  2. Oftentimes, if the secret is too hot for you to hold, it will be too hot for the next person too.
  3. Who will lose the most if the secret gets told? One thing about it, you will lose doubly because your secret will be out  and the trust that you placed in that "so-called" friend will have been shattered. In other words, "Another one bites the dust."
  4. A true friend is very rare. When you find one, hold on to them. They can make your journey through life a little easier. Me? Do I have close friends? Yes, I do, but there are some things that I have learned to tell only to the LORD. You might do well to learn this lesson, as well.

Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
A secret is meant to be kept
And not meant to be shared
After all, you would not have been given the info
If you had not acted as if you cared.

To Ponder:
Would you have squashed Jasmine's and Jamie's secret and let it play out on its own? There are some secrets that you learn that you should take with you to the grave. Lastly, if you want a friend, then be one! Just sayin'!

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