Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good Morning World!

Top of the morning to you!

You know..., I love creativity and discovery! Life, if you walk with the LORD, is like a series of tiny gifts of love that have been created and planted along one's life path. All one has to do is find them;  open them; appreciate them; enjoy them and share them.

 Though some incidents in life seem to be devastating, remember, all things work together for good for those that love the LORD. That means that those devastating things that have happened in your life are connected because they were planted along your lifepath. Say what?! I know; deep isn't it?  But, here is my take on it. Because I know that HE loves me, I have to not only look for blessings in devastating events, but share the lessons that I learned from the experience. Who knows? Why would you keep that knowledge to yourself? It might save someone heartache who is traveling along a similar path. So glad that Pasteur, Carver, Salk and a myriad of others shared their gifts of discovery.

For every ailment that mankind has, there is a remedy. The question is, "Has it been found yet and by whom?  What did the finder do with it? Think about it!

Now, you know why I told you about the nopal cactus! Appreciate the knowledge; share it! You don't want to have to walk the lonely walk of a diabetic before you share positive information pertaining to it. Think about it... I did.

Doing What I Can, While I Can (This means that I choose to bless, not only my present circle of friends, but to bless an ever widening one.)
Until we meet...

Aside - I walk, talk, live and breathe by HIM and for HIM. No apology given. Just sayin'

To ponder:
All blessings are not tangible, but affect us, nonetheless.
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